North America Smart Energy Week


September 19-22, 2022
Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CA

Financing will make or break ongoing solar industry growth

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As the costs associated with solar decreases, demand rises, the investment tax credit
(ITC) step down looms, and cities and states across the country set ambitious renewable energy plans in motion, the industry is re-assessing its approach to financing in order to ensure growth continues. At the same time, investors are increasingly committed to addressing the climate crisis by making an impact with their dollars while ensuring a stable cash flow, and solar can deliver.
The U.S. solar market has long been searching for public, long-term debt solutions to
reduce solar’s cost of capital, and now is the time for these types of financing mechanisms to fill in the ITC gap. Complex loan structures will be replaced as more
comprehensive financing solutions emerge for project developers.
Panelists will dive into these complex, interconnected issues to discuss how changing industry incentives, decreasing energy costs, increasing demand and climate change are converging to create new solar financing mechanisms and unprecedented project
acquisitions. Developers of all sizes must be able to secure stable, long-term financing and investors must continue to see the value of solar in order for industry growth to continue.
This presentation is intended to engage with and educate project developers, asset
owners and investors about the latest developments in solar finance. The panelists will use real-world project examples to facilitate audience Q&A, and to demonstrate what changes are already in motion and what else is to come.

Author: Jim

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