North America Smart Energy Week


September 19-22, 2022
Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CA

RE+ Tech


RE+ Tech  is the event and platform for the technical and scientific communities to present and share innovative research in the solar, storage, and smart energy industries at North America's largest clean energy event (formerly called SPI, ESI, and Smart Energy Week). This curated pathway showcases scientific content from industry leaders and provides a hub for science and tech trailblazers to come together, share research, and innovate tomorrow's clean energy solutions.

Accelerating decarbonization goals will take collaboration across all clean energy sectors. RE+ Tech sessions will highlight innovation across sectors, focusing on technical advancements in the pre-commercialization to adoption phase that will push us towards the ultimate goal of net zero. Sessions will delve into the following topics:

  • New technologies
  • Interconnection
  • Adoption
  • Infrastructure
  • Social Responsibility





View past proceedings, which were published by our partners at POWER Magazine, the official producer of 2021 The Technical Symposium Proceedings.