North America Smart Energy Week


September 11-14, 2023
The Venetian Convention and Expo Center Las Vegas, NV

Hybrid AC/DC Systems – Dual Input (AC & DC) Appliances and Devices

Tuesday, August 25 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET

Despite DC-ready appliances having served niche markets for decades, mainstream market electrical equipment and appliances continue to rely on taking in AC power, the legacy mainstay of power distribution. It’s the proverbial chicken and egg scenario, which comes first, DC distribution or DC devices. One solution to this dilemma is dual input capability.

This webinar will explore standards that are being worked on to allow devices to use either AC or DC source power, opening a whole new opportunity to speed up the transformation to more efficiency and resilient power systems. This will free new builds to go directly to DC or hybrid AC/DC system architectures, as well as allow all equipment to be future-proofed by including the ability to take-in DC power directly when it becomes available. This will prevent asset stranding of AC only equipment as the market transforms.

Join us to hear from noted utility and private industry experts on taking advantage of this energy transition.

Brian Patterson, Founder, EMerge Alliance

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