North America Smart Energy Week


September 11-14, 2023
The Venetian Convention and Expo Center Las Vegas, NV


RE+ 2023 will reveal, for the first time, an International Pavilion featuring Canada as our Country Spotlight! The international pavilion will highlight the unique strengths and contributions to the renewable industry worldwide. This focal point will help expand global companies into new markets and provide technological innovations and insights into global trends and how they adapt to regional challenges. Network with international industry leaders and learn how they developed clean energy projects among international policies and regulations to continue the growth of our mutual goal for a sustainable future worldwide.

Spotlight Country


Canada's renewable energy commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 is accurately transitioning. Canada is home to many innovative and cutting-edge renewable energy technologies, such as wind turbines, solar panels, and energy storage systems. Canada plays an essential role in providing renewable energy to the US market, and this is an opportunity to create a strong energy partnership.

Spotlight Country Opportunities

International Pavilions

Turkey & Germany

As we expand the international sector for professionals worldwide, we are also featuring renewable companies from Turkey and Germany to showcase their technology.

Turkish Pavilion     German Pavilion     View International Pavilion

International Partnerships